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Save the HST

is back again this spring on all new residential shade products.

Please also note that we are currently maintaining 2023 pricing,

but this will change once our suppliers notify us of any price increases.

Contact us before June 1st to arrange a site visit and qualify for these savings. 


Let Barrie Tent & Awning Help Provide Shade for Your Deck or Patio

Enjoy the Outdoors without Being Exposed to the full power of the Sun

Barrie Tent & Awning offers shade options for your existing pergola or custom retractable structures to attach to your home or business to accommodate your area. Serving residential, commercial and industrial clients across Central Ontario, our shade products can either be easily mounted to your deck or a concrete pad. Please note that due to thier flat design that the marjority of pergola shades are made of a variety of mesh meaterials designed to block up to 92% of harmful UV rays. 


Infinity Retractable Pergola Sun Shade Canopy

This easy to install manually operated retractable or fixed for the season shade system is designed to work with your existing pergola. Installed on stainless steel cables, each individual aluminum support section is either 5’ or  9’ wide, but can be cut down and or installed in multiple side-by-side units to fit almost any rectangular area. This system can be installed by our team or by anyone handy at home repairs following step-by-step instructions and watching an instructional video. Please note that this is a sun shade system with a mesh cover and not designed for rain protection.


Note: Product uses cables under constant tension. Structure must have sufficient support to resist this tension for Infinity System to be used.

Infinity® Canopy logo


Origin of Manufacture: California, USA


Available Sizes:

4’0” up to 9'0" wide x 20’0” + projection*

*Note that multiple units can be installed side-by-side to fit any rectangular area


Frame Colour: Anodized aluminum support runners


Fabric: Soltis 92 that blocks 92% of UV and visible light


Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Five Years: Hardware and Fabric


Available Options:

  • Soltis 86 mesh

  • Magnet fasteners to hold canopy open in light winds

  • Pulley System for opening and closing canopy

  • Choice of multiple colors that can be interchangeable

  • Can be installed as multiple side-by-side units

SPACE – Motorized Retractable Canopy

Pinnacle I or II – Motorized Retractable Canopy
KE Durasol Awnings

This type of motorized retractable canopy is ideal for windy locations with its own support legs or over an existing structure to provide shade from the sun and light rain protection. Note that with limited slope this product is not designed to be used in moderate to severe rain conditions as water will pool and permenently stretch the fabric. It is also not to be used in the winter. Both styles are powered by Somfy® motors that work with a hand remote. 


Origin of Manufacture: Italy


Available Sizes:

  • SPACE for existing structure 5'0" - 23'0" wide x 23'0" projection

  • SPACE WALL for wall mounting 5'0" - 23'0" wide x 18'0" projection

  • Standard leg lenght 8'0" or 12' that can be customized on site


Frame Colours: White, Charcoal


Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Frame: Limited Lifefime Warranty

Gas Pistons: Two Years

Fabric: Ten Years: Sunbrella®, Dickson


Available Options:

  • Wall mount

  • Soffit mount

  • Roof mount

  • Mount over existing structure

Genius Retractable Canopy

Genius Retractable Canopy
KE Durasol Awnings

This rainproof retractable roof system with optional integrated lighting and music is suitable for locations attached to a building with support legs and rainwater management systems for either residential or commercial applications. Please note this retractable canopy is not designed for snow loads. Find the rest of this product’s details listed below:

Origin of Manufacture: United States

Available Sizes:

  • 8’2” wide x 8’2” projection up to 14’9” wide x 29”6” projection for single unit

  • Up to three units can be linked together and back to back for maximum size of 42’8” wide x 52”6” projection

  • Standard leg height 8’0” or 12’0” that can be customized on-site

Frame Colours: White Aluminum or Scandinavian Spruce Wood

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Structure: Limited Lifetime Warranty on Aluminum, Wood – 5-Year Limited Warranty

Fabric: 6-Year Limited Warranty

Somfy® Motor and Hardware: 5-Year Limited Warranty

Available Options:

  • Manual vs. motorized systems

  • Integrated roll-up wind/privacy screens

  • Integrated lighting and/or audio speakers along roof supports

Fixed Shade Canopy for existing Pergola

Terrace-Top Pergola

Another option to increase the amount of shade under an existing pergola is to add a fixed mesh fabric canopy.

Shade canopy covers are custom fabricated and can be installed either with a bellowed look with support rods or flat installation and are available in a variety of mesh fabrics in a range of colours.


Please note that due to the lack of a significant pitch for most existing pergolas, a fixed mesh canopy is not designed to protect against rain or take any snow load, and therefore would need to be removed at the end of each summer season. 

Barrie Tent & Awning

Origin of Manufacture: Barrie Tent & Awning, Canada


Available Sizes: Custom-fabricated to each unique location’s requirements


Manufacturer’s Warranty: Five to Ten Years:depending on mesh material uses


Options:  - Support rods to create bellowed look

                 - Flat installation with a varitey of fasteners


Northlander Skyview Polycarbonate Canopy

Northlander Skyview Polycarbonate Canopy

The Northlander Skyview Canopy system is an aluminum frame with polycarbonate sheeting that gives you protection from the elements and harmful UV rays, while allowing filtered natural light to shine through to create a welcoming space. The system comes with a variety of 16mm thick polycarbonate panel tints that are engineered to handle snow loads when installed with a sufficient slope. Find the rest of this product’s details listed below:

Origin of Manufacture: United States

Warranty: 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on polycarbonate sheeting

Available Sizes:

  • 2’0” wide x 2’0” projection up to 40’0” wide x 18’0” projection

  • Standard leg height 8’0” * Larger sizes available

Available Frame Colour: White

Available Options:

  • Polycarbonate panels available in (% of light blockage): Clear (15%), Bronze (57%), Opal Ice (43%), Silhouette Pearl (55%)

  • Integrated gutters and downspouts

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