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Renting A Tent for your Event

A tent not only gives you protection from bad weather, but on those bright sunny days, it provides protection from the harmful UV rays and heat from the sun. Plan your special occasion well ahead, and book your tent rental with Barrie Tent & Awning in Central Ontario as early as possible so that you can have the best selection of sizes available.




There are a number of different sizes and styles of commercial grade & fire rated tents that you can rent for your weekend special event, or for the week or month for your corporate promotion or sale.  We have smaller tents at 10'x10',10'x20' and 15'x15' which you can install yourself with the help of a friend or a neighbour.



10’x10’, 10’x20’, 15'x15'

Sun Shelter Rentals


Are you having a small gathering and want the option of having some temporary shelter from the sun or be prepared for the chance of rain? Maybe one of our weekend sun shelter rentals will do the trick?


These sturdy frame tents can be installed in about 20 minutes following simple instructions by matching the colour-coded poles to the frame fittings. All of our sun shelters come with removable solid walls that clip around the perimeter for great versatility or they can be left completely off if not needed.


All tent components come in three convenient packages that will fit in almost any vehicle.


Note that the 15' x 15' tent rental will require a full sized vehicle for transport as some components are just over 7' long.

Tent equipment in Barrie


These sun shelters come in either 10’ x 10’ , 10’ x 20’ and 15' x 15' sizes each with 7’ high legs.


A weekend rental can be picked up at our Barrie office on either a Thursday or Friday and returned on Monday or Tuesday.


NOTE that tents do need to be staked down or if planning to be used on concrete or asphalt you will need to secure tent with some kind of weights or also rent them from us. 






Sun Shelter


Rental Pricing


            Weekend Rental

10’ x 10’ Sun Shelter


 $115.00 + HST = $129.95


Weekend Rental

10’ x 20’ Sun Shelter


$175.00 + HST = $197.75


Weekend Rental

15' x 15' Sun Shelter


$240.00 + HST = $271.20


Please note:

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Tent Capacity for your Event

A good rule for most casual functions is to allow for approximately 5 square feet per person. Note that for most events not everyone is under cover of the tent at the same time.


For a sit down dinner, it is best to allow 15 square feet per person. This should allow some space for tables, a bar area and music set-up.


Please see suggested seating configurations & capacities below to help visualize sizing & possible layouts. 


Suggested Tent Seating Configurations

First tent image
One day spend tent
20x20 Gable End Frame Tent
White tent
One day spend tent
Front tent view door
Outside tent white
One day spend tent

Need a Tent for Your Event?

We have tents 10' x 10' up to 20' x 30' for your backyard, corporate or special event

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for our tents starting from 

10'x10' up to 20'x30' 

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Other Ground Description

For Your Larger Events and Celebrations


If you are expecting more people, you may need one of our 20' x 20' or 20' x 30' sized tents in either tradtional push pole or clear span frame tents. Due to their size, these commercial grade tents that meet all canadian fire ratings for fammable materials have to be professionally installed by one of our tent crews. 



Please Note:

When considering a tent for your special event that we will need a flat/level area that is 10'-12' larger than the tent itself, and that the area is clear of both underground and overhead obstructions in order to be installed.



Before Renting a Tent Please Consider the Following


Are there underground lines?

Before we can install your tent, has the area been checked and marked by service providers for electrical, telephone, natural gas, and cable television lines. There is no cost for these surveys.  Contact your local municpal power and water provider and or Ontario One Call ( for rural locates. Note that you should allow a minimum of 5-7 working days for the various services to complete thier locate surveys. 


Also if your home has a septic system, that area may not be the best place for you to install your tent as the ground pins could damage the system. 


Again overhead obstructions as well as uneven ground can also be a barrier to having a tent installed.  


Do you have enough washrooms available?


One or two bathrooms will not be enough if you have 50+ guests You should consider portable washrooms so you do not overload your system.



Does your home insurance policy cover you?

Check with your insurance agent to make sure you have adequate coverage for liability and property damage in case of an accident.



Do you need a building permit for your event?

Most municipalities are now requiring building permits and engineered drawings for temporary structures such as tents over a certain square footage, usually over 600 sqft (Larger than 20' x30').  The property owner is responsible to apply for any permits.



For tents that require permits, the home owner may also have to provide fire extinquishers, exit signs and have these in place for the municipality to then inspect prior to allowing your event to proceed. 


Please contact your local municipality for confirmation.


A tent as part of your event can be the place to be for your memorable occasions.







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