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Save the HST

is back again this spring on all new residential shade products.

Please also note that we are currently maintaining 2023 pricing, but this will change once our suppliers notify us of any price increases.

Contact us before June 1st to arrange a site visit and qualify for these savings.

Aesthetic Appeal with Residential Awnings from Barrie Tent & Awning

Assorted Awning Shapes, Colours & Styles

For those thinking about adding an awning to their home, Barrie Tent & Awning offers a wide selection in Central Ontario. Awnings aesthetically enhance your property, adding shape, colour and style. Choose from the following types of residential awnings:

  • Quarter ball

  • Waterfall

  • Entrance canopy

  • Slant face

  • Traditional

  • Roller

  • Basket


Benefits of Residential Awnings Include:

  • Added curb appeal & outdoor décor possibilities

  • Custom shade control, which adds up to energy savings

  • Protection from harmful UV rays from the sun

  • Reduce your household cooling costs

Residential Awnings

Residential Awnings

There are many shapes and styles of residential awnings to choose from that can add both a decorative element to your building’s exterior and lower your cooling costs by reducing the amount of direct sunlight entering through your windows. Learn more about our residential awnings:


Origin of Manufacture: Canada


Available Sizes: Each awning is custom-made to your specifications


Frame Styles Available: Sloped, Pull-up Sloped, Quarter Ball, Terrace Top and many more


Fabric: 100’s of colours and patterns to choose from


Manufacturer’s Warranty: Fabric: Varies with original manufacturer, with up to 10 years for Sunbrella®


Barrie Tent & Awning Warranty Details


Barrie Tent & Awning

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To learn more about our selection of commercial and architectural awnings, please contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, including those about pricing, installation and availability.

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